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Engine: Vintage correct 327 ci Chevy rated at 538hp

Body& Color: Vintage  Gold, Grey & Black – Has gone through a complete restoration by Dave Kindig of Kindig-it Designs <http://www.kindigit.com/ >. The craftsmanship is second to none.

Chassis Set-up: All performed by the famed Wally Peat ( 50’s & 60′ era Shelby & chevy racing)

65 Corvette: SVRA Certified Medallion vintage race car. Extensive race history from the day it was purchased off a car lot in Michigan. Original SCCA Log books, CARE loog books, SVRA log books, W.H.R.R.I  log books. History photos, papers, notes and so on. This historic racer is also listed in the Registry of Corvette Race Carshttp://registryofcorvetteracecars.com/ee/index.php/site/view_cars/619

This road racer has been a constant podium winner since 1966 and has raced at virtually every major road course track from coast to coast