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1932 Highboy Roadster

The RaceDeck Roadster debuted at Speed Week 2003, competes at all three Bonneville Salt Flats events each year – Speed Week, World of Speed, the World Finals, and has broken a standing land speed record an astounding 8 times in just six events.

Engine: 2004- 2.4 L (144 c.i. / 4 cyl) Turbo Charged Dodge SRT-4 (F class)

Transmission: One-Off 3-speed automatic

Estimated HP: 850 on gas and 1050+ on fuel (alcohol)

Driver /Owner: Jorgen Moller – CEO of Snap Lock Industries, the manufacturer of RaceDeck® Garage Flooring.

Current Records held as of the end of the 2004 season

F/BSTR – 196.880 mph: Set on September 2004 World of Speed, this record makes the RaceDeck Roadster “The Fastest 4cyl Street Roadster on the Planet”

F/BGR- 201.081 mph: Set on August 2004 Speed Week First four cylinder roadster to ever break the 200 mark! This record earned Driver Jorgen Moller a lifetime membership in the prestigous Bonneville 200 mph Club

F/BFR – 186.661 mph: Set on August 2004 Speed Week

F/BGMR – 199.478 mph: Set on September 2003

The RaceDeck Roadster is the first 4 cyl roadster to break the 200 mph mark. Fastest ever timed pass at Bonneville – 213.413 mph (BFR) / Ran at World Finals 2004